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Dr. Jean Fan

Acknowledged by Forbes Magazine and Nature Research as a rising star in the fields of computational biology and genomics, Dr. Jean Fan is pioneering innovative machine learning and statistical approaches to analyze high-dimensional, multi-omic data. Focused on understanding the spatial regulatory mechanisms that shape cellular identity and disease progression, Dr. Fan and her lab use cutting-edge imaging and sequencing technologies to characterize the organization cells within tissues. By developing novel computational tools to analyze these complex data sets, Dr. Fan and her lab are advancing our understanding of how cellular heterogeneity contributes to cancer progression and prognosis. Dr. Fan's awards and honors extend beyond her professional service to recognition of her leadership and advocacy for STEM education and women in science. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering in the Center for Computational Biology at Johns Hopkins University and serves as the founder and director of the non-profit organization CuSTEMized.

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